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  The subsidiary companies of “NICOTIANA - BT HOLDING” PLC are contemporary enterprises for tobacco processing and fermentation with total production capacity of 7000 tons. The production lines are technologically equipped with tobacco leafing devices of Mac Tavish design. The major tobacco sources are the regions where the oriental origin brands are grown - type “Nevrokop”, “Krumovgrad” and “North Bulgaria”, as well as the big-leaved tobacco type “Burley”.

  1. “Nevrokop” has a specific fine flavour with feeble to medium physiological strength, sufficient taste fullness and milder smoking properties. The chemical composition expressed as percent of absolute dry substance is:

  • Nicotine - 0.64;
  • Sugars - 18.17;
  • Resins - 4.48.
  2. “Krumovgrad” is closer to the tobacco brands with strong physiological effect. Chemical composition:
  • Nicotine - 1.12 to 1.14;
  • Sugars - 16.06;
  • Resins - 6.11.
  3. “North Bulgaria” is closer to the so-called skeletal tobaccos used as filling in cigarettes.

  4. “Burley” - carrier of sauces and flavours and additive with good combustibility. With high physiological strength.