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   “NICOTIANA - BT HOLDING” PLC is a Bulgarian public joint-stock company with 100% own private capital. The Company’s capital is distributed into 1 800 000 (one million eight hundred thousand) shares, each with face value BGL 1,- (BGL one). The securities (stocks) of “NICOTIANA - BT HOLDING” PLC are listed for trading at the official stock market organized by “Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia” PLC.

   “NICOTIANA - BT HOLDING” PLC was initially established and registered as a Privatization Fund named PF “Nicotiana - BT” PLC on the initiative of 3969 constituors. The constituent meeting was held on 26.09.1996 in the town of Nesebar. By decision of the General Meeting of the shareholders held on 25.02.1998 under §4 of the Law on Privatization Funds and in the meaning of Art.277 of the Commercial Law the activity of Privatization Fund “Nicotiana - BT” PLC was transformed into a holding named “NICOTIANA - BT HOLDING” PLC.

   According to Art.5 of its Statute, the Company has the following subject of activity:

  • acquisition, management, assessments and sale of interests in Bulgarian and foreign companies;
  • acquisition, management and sale of bonds;
  • acquisition, assessment and sale of patents, assignment of licenses for use of companies’ patents in which the holding company has an interest, as well as of other intellectual property rights;
  • funding of companies in which the holding company has an interest;
  • engineering, research and development activity;
  • opening of own agencies, affiliate companies and branches;
  • execution of any kind of deals and entering into commitments in any way;
  • training for professional qualification;
  • all kinds of activities unprohibited by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.
It is the strategic task of “NICOTIANA - BT HOLDING” PLC to invest predominantly in tobacco industry companies. The structure of “NICOTIANA - BT HOLDING” PLC involves the following subsidiary companies:
  • “Mehanika” Co.Ltd. - town of Peshtera;
  • “Nord Tabac - Nicotiana” Co.Ltd. - town of Shumen whose activity is focussed in the village of Kitanchevo.
The basic activity of the subsidiary companies is focussed in processing and trading with tobaccos, mostly of the world famous and preferable oriental origins “Krumovgrad”, “Nevrokop” and “North Bulgaria”, as well as the big-leaved tobacco brand - type “Burley”.

“NICOTIANA - BT HOLDING” PLC holds minority block of shares in “Pleven - BT” PLC, “Isperih - BT” PLC and “Parvomay - BT” PLC which are subsidiary companies of “BULGARTABAC HOLDING” PLC.